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Slope Strength

Determines the current Slope Strength of all currencies based on their TMA Slope values. The Slope Strength is the average of all TMA Slope values of the symbols the currency is part of.
Current version: v1.0.3 User settings:

  • autoSymbols - set to true to let SlopeStrength use all symbols available in the Market Watch window. Overrules '
  • symbolsToWeigh' symbolsToWeigh - comma delimited list of symbols to use. 
  • nonPropFont - non proportional font to use 
  • fontSize - font size to use. SlopeStrength can do some very crude scaling 
  • timeFrame - set to 'D1' or 'H4' 
  • showLowerTimeFrame - set to true to show a bullet indicating the TMA Slope of the immediate lower timeframe 
  • showTrendIcon - the trend icon is an arrow that shows the approximate direction of the TMA Slope based on the last 5 periodes 
  • colo(u)rs - you know what to do


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