Forex market statistics

InstaForex Company offers its customers over 70 types of market statistics for major currency pairs traded on Forex. Traders used to monitor the market by analyzing the total position. Now they have access to a wide spectrum of information on trading such as percentage of bullish deals, average entry points, average points of pending orders, total statistics for a certain pair including open deals, total statistics for a certain pair including pending deals and probably the most interesting and important type of statistics – a settlement price of a currency pair rate calculated on the basis of hundreds of thousands of clients’ deals.

New symbols of market statistics are available in InstaForex MetaTrader terminal for real and demo accounts in the Market Depth group of symbols. Give the Market review button a right click and then choose the Show all option to see the symbols.

All forex market statistics is represented in InstaForex Client Cabinet in a real time mode as charts. It allows getting a vision of the current market situation and forecasting further changes on the basis of hundreds of dozens of charts reflecting the current market conditions.

Market statistics indicators are denoted as follows:

  • XXDepth - total position on a certain currency pair
  • XXBuyLevel - average level of all buy deals on a certain currency pair
  • XXSellLevel - average level of all sell deals on a certain currency pair
  • XXTrades - percentage of open trades on a given currency pair from the general number of trades
  • XXOrders - percentage of the number of pending orders on a given currency pair from the general number of trades
  • XXVolume - percentage of funds invested in trades on a given currency pair from the general number of funds involved in trades
  • XXEstimated - level of a certain currency pair based on entry points and volume of open buy and sell trades
  • XXBuyLimit/BuyStop - average pending buy levels
  • XXSellLimit/SellStop - average pending buy levels

XX vary depending on which currency pair a market statistics chart is plotted for:


At present InstaForex Company is the only broker providing its customers with comprehensive market statistics in the MetaTrader terminal. It is an additional evidence of a highly qualified professional approach of InstaForex Company to its clients. We are grateful to our customers for trading on Forex with InstaForex and glad to give them new opportunities and tools of market analysis. InstaForex Company offers cutting-edge technologies.

Discover the world of full market statistics with InstaForex Company – download the trading terminal from the company’s official website right now! Present clients can add new instruments to market statistics by mere adding new symbols in their InstaForex trading terminals.


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