Forex Factory Calendar Indicator

With the generous cooperation of the folks at ForexFactory, I have created an indicator which will tell you how many minutes till the next relevant news event (or two). Normally I peruse the Yahoo MetaTrader_Experts_and_Indicators group, where this has already been posted. But it's only proper that it be posted here as well.

In order to use it, you need to turn on DLL Imports in your Metatrader platform options, because it calls a DLL to get your timezone, as well as another to read the ForexFactory web page to get news information. (Be aware it will write out .XML files to your expert/files folder).

The indicator has settings so you can filter out (or in) news announcements of High, Medium, or Low impact, as well as those with the word "Speaks" in them. You can have it display the minutes till (and info about) the next announcement, or the next two. And you can adjust the colours of the text.

You just apply it to your chart, set your desired options, and it will give you announcement info relating to either currency in the pair on the chart.

The indicator can also be called from within an EA using the iCustom call. By accessing buffer 1, index 0, you can get the minutes until the most recent past event (so minutes will be negative or zero), or by using buffer 1, index 1, minutes until the next news event (positive or zero). If you want to use this feature and need more info, I can post a more detailed sample.

Download Here


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